Which water tank lid has the weirdest water tank?

Water tanks are a common sight in our homes and offices, but they are rarely as well known as the odd water tank top, especially if you live in a home or office that’s not in a well.

Here are five unusual water tank tops to keep in mind.1.

A water tank on the top of a tall wall is a very unusual design, and if you happen to find one, please leave a comment below.2.

The front of a water tank is an obvious sign of neglect, but it’s even more odd if it’s placed on the side of a house.

This water tank was hidden from view on the bottom of a wall in the front yard of a couple who live in Chicago, Illinois.

It’s also a great place to find a new, unused water tank if you’re looking for one to move.3.

A glass water tank has an almost impossibly large diameter, and it looks like it would make a fantastic decoration.

The glass tank sits in the living room of a family who live across the street from each other.

This unusual glass water bottle has the bottle dangling off the side.4.

A lighted water tank sits on top of the livingroom wall in a dark apartment, with a window that overlooks the front of the apartment.

It looks like a typical water tank from the outside, but inside it has a water valve that has been hooked up to a battery that’s attached to the top.

This is a nice water valve, because it keeps the water in the tank at a safe level.5.

This water tank could be the most unique water tank you’ve ever seen.

If you happen not to have a water bottle on hand, it’s definitely worth checking out.

You may find a water container hidden underneath the water tank or in a cupboard next to it.

The water tank might even have a camera mounted on it, or a light on it to make sure you don’t spill water on it.