A couple in Texas has made it their mission to make their home a water tank in the Houston area

The Houston area has a reputation for being a hotbed of water conservation, but there’s another water-saving measure in the works: making your home a new home to a new water tank.

The couple, who identified themselves only as “Laurie and Matt,” say they’ve put up their house in a vacant lot and taken out a small business loan to make the space their home.

They’re also selling their house as a water-tank-making center.

In a press release, Laurie and Matt say they are not trying to make money from the project, but rather to create a better home for their daughter and son, who live in the home and want to share the experience of their home with the public.

They are not charging for the water tank or water-treatment system.

Laurier and Matt said they first learned of the project when they went to an online water-supply listing for the vacant lot.

They were shocked to find out the water was being pumped from the lot into a water reservoir.

The family’s water supply was being shut off for the duration of Hurricane Harvey.

Lurie and Matt are trying to raise $50,000 to get the house built, according to the release.

The couple said they have no plans to expand their water-tanking operation beyond the current building.