Blackwater hires veteran security company to help protect its infrastructure

Blackwater has hired a former senior security official to help the company safeguard its infrastructure.

The security firm, G-Vault, was hired to provide “a comprehensive security solution for the Blackwater family of companies, including its security-related infrastructure, business processes and IT assets,” the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

Blackwater hired former U.S. Navy SEAL James Burchfield to serve as a consultant for the company’s security, the statement added.

G-Vaults security team will include a senior security officer, a director of information assurance and the Chief of the Naval Operations Center, the company added.

The announcement came after reports emerged that Blackwater hired an ex-intelligence contractor who was once on the intelligence community’s hit list for leaking classified information to Wikileaks.

On Tuesday, the New York Times reported that Blackwaters founder Erik Prince hired ex-CIA analyst Jeremy Hammond to help him run the private security company.

Hammond is currently on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.

Hammond has previously admitted to having a secret email account in the Clinton email scandal.

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