Water tanks, wells and ponds are the next big water conservation trend

Water tanks are a big thing in Alberta, and they’re starting to get a lot of attention.

There are more than 400,000 water tanks in Alberta with an estimated capacity of almost 7.8 million litres.

There is also about 1.1 million well and pond systems, and about 1 million water-storage tanks.

That means there are about a million water tanks across the province.

But there are other big water-saver ideas that are also getting attention, like water-collection systems and aquaponics.

A couple of recent developments are getting a lot more attention than usual.

The Alberta Environment and Sustainable Development Department said last week it’s also getting ready to introduce a new rule for new water-management plans.

That rule would set out requirements for the use of water and wastewater in new building projects.

Environment Minister Brian Mason said in an interview with the Calgary Herald on Thursday that it would be up to the project owner to prove the project is safe.

He also said the province will not be asking developers to comply with the new rules.

The new rule, to be implemented by March 1, will require that a project manager submit a detailed plan to the provincial environment department detailing its water use, waste management and water treatment, and how those water resources will be used.

It will also provide for monitoring and enforcement.

The rule will also include a deadline for any violations of the rules.

Alberta’s Environment and Sustainability Department said it’s working to develop a comprehensive water-saving plan that can be used by all water-related projects.