Water harvesting tank found in Jerusalem’s old city

A water harvesting and reuse tank found along a highway in the Old City of Jerusalem has been uncovered in a newly uncovered section of the Old city, Jerusalem Municipality officials said.

According to a statement released by the municipality, the tank was found near the junction of the al-Haram al-Sharif road and the Old Route 1, an ancient road used by Jews to travel between Jerusalem and the West Bank.

It is the first time that a water harvesting or reuse tank was discovered in Jerusalem, said the statement.

A large number of water harvesting tanks were discovered along the route during excavations in 2013.

The tanks were used to irrigate the farmland that the city of Jerusalem had until recently grown, but were never used to supply water to the residents.

During the 2014 Israeli military operation known as “The Gate of Tears” in the Gaza Strip, which has displaced more than 6,500 Palestinians, hundreds of water collection tanks were also discovered, which were not used during the conflict.

The water harvesting was a sign of the growing water crises facing Jerusalem as residents struggled to find enough water to supply their families and businesses, the statement added.

Water harvesting tanks are also found in the northern West Bank, including Hebron, Jericho and the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

According a Jerusalem Municipalities report released in 2014, water harvesting in Jerusalem had decreased from 20 percent in 2013 to 14 percent in 2015, but the municipal government was working to find more ways to use the water to improve the city’s water quality.

According the report, a new aquifer, which had been discovered on the West bank in 2014 and had been excavated, was also being investigated as a possible water reservoir for the city.

The municipal authorities said that water harvesting could help the city address the water crisis in the city, which is facing severe water shortages.

The city of about 10 million people is located in Jerusalem and is home to more than 30 million residents.

The Old City was built between 600 and 600 BC, according to UNESCO’s World Heritage List, and was home to the biblical city of David.