How to make a water tank without a lot of fancy fittings

In India, the market for drinking water has been largely flooded by the global drought.

Many cities, including Delhi, have been hit hard by the shortage.

Water scarcity is expected to continue for a while.

This article will guide you in making a water-tank without any fancy fitties, using a simple, cheap, and easy-to-make process.

You can even make a tank for your own home.

You will need a container that can hold a lot more than 1,000 liters.

We’ll talk about what a good container should look like.

You also need a tank with an adequate flow rate.

To make a good water tank that can carry enough water for the home, we need a water pipe.

We can use the water pipe from the tap, but we will use a pipe that can be used for drinking or cooking.

A water pipe is usually made of a diameter of 5 cm or more.

The diameter of the water is important because it allows for the water to drain from the outside of the tank into the tank.

For the purpose of this article, we are going to use a 10 cm diameter water pipe and use it to make our water tank.

We will be using it to fill the tank of our home.

We have two water pipes that we will be making: one that can drain the water from the inside of the home to the outside and another one that allows us to carry more water.

First, you need to find a good supply of water.

You may have to search through some of the markets in your area for some of your supply.

You should have plenty of water in the tank for this project.

A supply of 2,500 litres per day is the minimum for this type of project.

You might need more.

You need to buy water pipes for this water pipe, which will cost about ₹1,000.

The cost of these supplies varies, but it can be about ⅓ to ⅞ lakh.

This is not too much to ask for.

A 10 cm pipe will be about 6 cm long and weigh around 15 kg.

We are going be using a 10cm pipe for this tank.

In the picture above, we have two 10 cm pipes.

The inside of this 10 cm water pipe has two fittings: one on each side.

The outside of this water is about a meter wide.

On each side of the pipe is a water valve that allows water to be piped through.

You don’t need to worry about the valve, as it is easily fixed.

The two fittles on the outside allow the water coming from the tank to drain, so it does not have to be constantly pumped.

The water is drained into a tank where the water in it can drain to the other side.

To use this water tank for cooking, we will make a small kitchen water pipe that we can use to drain the tap water from our home to use for cooking.

We need a 10 litre water tank to hold this 10 litres of water for cooking and a 10,000 litres of tap water to make it for drinking.

The 10 liters of tap tap water can be made in a simple process.

The basic process is to drain one of the 10 litters of tap that you have from your tap.

The drain water comes out the bottom of the tap and into a container with a fitting.

The fitting allows the water that has come out the top to drain.

You put the tap into the water tank and turn on the tap.

You want to drain as much water out of the bottom as possible.

You have to keep a good distance from the bottom to avoid damaging the pipes.

Once you have drained the water out, you should be able to pour it into the container.

It should not overflow the tank and make the water taste bad.

You must keep a safe distance from this container.

This process will take around 5 minutes.

We used two 10 litter water tanks to make the food for this cooking.

This will also help us keep the house clean.

It is best to use more than one 10 lit water tank per household.

To store the food in the 10, 10, and 10 lit tank, you can use a plastic bucket or a jug.

We use a bucket that holds the food inside a plastic bag.

The plastic bag will also serve as a filter.

A jug can be attached to the bottom with a cap.

This jug will serve as an alternative for keeping out rain.

You do not need to use plastic containers as they are cheap and easy to use.

If you want to keep the food warm during the cold weather, you could buy a small container for this purpose.

You could also buy a plastic bowl for this.

A 12 litre plastic water tank will cost around ₂500, which is not cheap.

You are probably wondering how the water will be stored in the 12 lit