New York City residents to pay more for water tanks

Residents of New York will be forced to pay an additional $6.50 per month for their water tanks in a plan to keep their homes safe, according to a plan released Wednesday by the city.

In an effort to protect residents from potentially harmful substances like arsenic, lead, mercury, mercury and other metals in tap water, the new plan calls for the installation of a water treatment system to provide safe drinking water.

The city will also install a filter and filter-proof water heater in most buildings to prevent the accumulation of contaminants in the water.

The system will also replace a water heater with a water-saving model, the plan says.

It’s not the first time New York has tried to tackle the issue of lead and other contaminants in drinking water, said city spokesman Brian O’Donnell.

Last year, the city launched a program to test tap water for lead levels and required all new homes to have a lead-based paint in order to make them safe.

The city’s tests found high levels of lead in the tap water in some areas of the city last summer.