How to get rid of a water tank trailer

A water tank truck has become a fixture in many homes, but now a new generation of homeowners are being told to use a less expensive and more environmentally friendly alternative.CNN’s Kevin Dufty reported Tuesday that many of these trucks, dubbed water tank trailers, are no longer necessary.

The trailers have been replaced by cheaper alternatives such as solar panels and a battery, Dufty said.

The trailer is no longer needed because solar panels are so cheap to install, he said.

They’re just as efficient and cost as water tanks.

But some homeowners are still concerned that these cheaper options could be more damaging to the environment.CNN reached out to homeowners who had recently purchased water tanks to ask them what they think of the new alternative.

Some said they would still use them if they could.

One man, who identified himself as Brian, said he has lived in his home for two years and he is tired of waiting for the water to drain out of the water tank.

He said he hopes the new technology would save him money.

“I know it is possible to install a solar panel and make the water system run, but I just want to have a backup source of water,” he said in an interview with CNN.

“It is cheaper to have it installed and not have to use it, and it also helps us save money and it reduces the impact on the environment.”CNN’s Ben Wootton contributed to this report.