Huge water tank to be built in suburban community

A water tank for a new residential water facility will be built on a parcel of land just south of the Culpeper Waterworks, the company that owns the plant.

The 2,700-gallon tank will be the largest of its kind in the country.

It will be located near Culpepills cul-de-sac on the site of the former Culpepper Reservoir.

It’s one of several proposed large water tank projects in the area.

In addition to the tank, the city of Culpeppa will be building a two-story office building for a large commercial water distribution company on a vacant lot next to the Culpills Waterworks.

The project will include a 2,600-square-foot commercial office building, said Sean Henningsen, a Culpepiapassas spokesman.

The new office building will be a mixed-use office and retail space.

It could also include retail spaces, offices, and a rooftop restaurant, he said.

Henningsens development team is working with a developer to bring the building to completion, he added.

The city is also developing a new recreational space.