Water tank dispensers will be installed at Sydney’s CBD by July 2018

Sydney, Australia (Reuters) Water tanks, water dispensers and other equipment at a central Sydney shopping mall will be replaced by water tanks and water dispenser dispensers by July 2020, the city’s transport department said on Thursday.

The installation of the dispensers is part of the citys new strategy to tackle the growing threat of water shortages caused by rising sea levels.

Water tank dispensing is also part of a new strategy that aims to help people in the city avoid water shortages by using technology to reduce pollution and reduce the need for water, such as a new air purifier system.

The water tank vending machines will be located at the Sydney Harbour Centre mall in the CBD, about 50 metres (164 feet) from the water tank at the centre of the shopping centre, and the city said it will provide the machines free of charge for the next three years.

A water tank can be used for drinking water only in Sydney, which is about 400 kilometres (250 miles) from Australia’s capital, Sydney.